Experience our Wellness Destination

In Villa Elisa you will find the essence of a town, unique flavours, kind people, areas of relaxation and balance, sports, fresh air, urban and rural nature, and salt hot springs that will provide you with wellness.

Since we are close to El Palmar National Park, we are immersed in the “Tierra de Palmares” micro region.

Termas Villa Elisa

Located 4 kilometres away from the city centre, this complex features 10 pools with different uses and temperatures, accommodation, gastronomy, spa, golf links, tennis courts, recreational activities, wide green spaces with natural shade and an artificial lake of 4 hectares. The salt hot springs, highly mineralized, have excellent therapeutic properties contributing to balancing our physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Web: https://termasvillaelisa.com/

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The city, its parks and walkways

Our city is known for its peace of mind, hospitality, safety and respect for green spaces values. The city centre, which is within walking distance, features neat walkways, parks and monuments, among which we can mention our distinctive Monumento al Sembrador [Monument to the Sower].


Is a proposal for performing a walking tour around the city centre to get to know its history, interesting facts, monuments and social life.

Estancia «El Porvenir» Museum

It is an old nineteenth-century house, which was the former residence of Villa Elisa´s founder, Héctor de Elía. It provides guided tours and it also features a wide park with recreational fields and an area of grills with a children´s playground.

Medicinal Garden L L Yuyos

It is a garden where a wide variety of medicinal plants are naturally grown. It is a different alternative for performing a guided tour, getting products and knowing about their benefits for our health.

Patu Granja

This farm-like place is ideal for those who love the local flora and fauna. There, visitors can walk along trails and come into contact with nursery plants and farm animals.

Elisa Bike

Accompanied tours and bicycle rentals, adventure journeys, and rides around the city and rural areas.

«El Rocha» Municipal Beach Resort

A little stream of shallow waters in a unique natural environment, ideal for outdoor lovers. Located on RN 130, 7 kilometres away from Villa Elisa, it features grocery store facilities, toilets with showers, family and youth camping areas, grills and electricity. 

Circuito de los Colonos, rural stores and winery

It is a circuit of about 40 kilometres intersecting Colonia Hocker, special to enjoy the rural landscape, its scents, colours and flavours. Along the way, old inns, rural schools, chapels, village clubs, rural bars and stores and arts and crafts can be observed.

Almacén Don Leandro

It is a store and restaurant located 12 km from Villa Elisa, in Colonia Hocker. It provides a range of regional products, good music and local gastronomy.

 Almacén Francou

Situated in Colonia El Carmen, 15 minutes away from our city, it is a 115-year-old general store, which has been declared as a provincial cultural heritage site. It offers guided tours, local products, country-style breakfast and afternoon snacks.

Alonso Saenz Winery

Located near the town of Arroyo Baru, at km 28 on route 23, 31 km away from Villa Elisa, it is a family winery which honors its Spanish and Italian ancestors by producing its wines from a careful selection of grapes manually harvested.